A unique approach

The performance of facial treatments and products that respect the body and the environment are characteristics that are part of the experience you will have at Espace Sylvie Denis..

Oriented products results

The products used contain no paraben, and without silicone are, mineral oil, and ingredients of animal or synthetic origin. They were selected for their base in addition to biotechnology and performance.

Highly specialized care

I have developed an individual-oriented approach, simple solutions that are consistent with your lifestyle in order to recreate the natural balance of your skin needs.

My approach allows you to collaborate in maintaining the benefits of your treatment outside the center, between sessions, through personalized document where you will find your changing care and recommendations to follow. Each treatment is selected and designed according to the immediate needs that demonstrates your skin according to the information you provide.



TAP, Davincia, Nelly De Vuyst or Oree ?

Each range of products has been carefully chosen to ensure the best for your aesthetic services. Special care has been taken to ensure non-toxic products for you and your skin.

Orée products, Davincia and Nelly DeVuyst are made here in Quebec and meet the standards of quality and efficiency.

KLAPP is a range of products specialized for men and women who like to see changes from the first weeks of use. With specific solutions, it is particularly pleasant for its versatility and makes it possible to target the needs for the most capricious skin.


KLAPP line from Germany is a range that has stood out for its efficiency.

It has made its place internationally and has existed since now 40 years. The ultimate choice for anyone looking for a results-oriented solution


DAVINCIA is a patented line originating in Quebec. Nathalie Forget its designer has developed a simple and effective system to better support all the vagaries of your skin.

Its Bio Compatible skincare is a little gem that knows how to offer you a deep cleaning while respecting all of your skin..


NELLY DEVUYST is now made in Quebec. Straight from Belgium, this line was acquired by Manon Pilon, a leading figure in the field of aesthetics here in Quebec.

Between its Bio Acne lines, Bio Tense (anti-aging), Nelly (classic) and Bio Woman, this range of services is designed to offer you a complete amalgam that will please all your little whims.


ORÉE thought and designed by Johanne Barrette. This range of products is specially oriented for skins who are undemanding and who like to work with nature..

From floral water and essential oils, it gives you a real feeling of being in contact with the Earth.



It can be combined with all your favorite facial care services. The approach is geared towards health and skin balance. The services offered are numerous and can be combined to give maximum results.

Sylvie Denis

For more than 30 years ago, Sylvie Denis out in the middle of beauty. Always on the lookout for new knowledge and latest technology, it has developed its expertise by exploring its many dimensions.

Formed in aesthetic specialist, coupled with a passion for the balance between beauty and health, it is able to offer the best in beauty treatments and services. To ensure service excellence, it has also made representations to the sectoral committee of the beauty industry.

Certified by the "Commission of Labor Market Partners", it is now part of beauticians grouping recognized "Professional standards in aesthetics".

Healthy skin and a healthy body, the answer to a lifestyle healthier.

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