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Age spots, melasma, etc…

Many people today are affected by issues of pigment spots. When speaking of these, we are confronted by a multitude of possibilities such as sun spots, melasma and also sometimes keratoses of various kinds. Only a doctor can diagnose you for each of these conditions. So what [...]

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The skin and diet

The skin is what? We talk about the skin as something far detached from us, the fact remains that it is part of our immediate environment and protects us. First, it is a system that makes sure to regulate the interior temperature for our proper functioning. A good example is when we make physical efforts, [...]

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Rosacea a skin condition. We often hear I have sensitive skin, it reacts to everything. Fragrances irritate my skin and it becomes red, I have rosacea. Start by defining rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that is diagnosed by a doctor. Only a medical profession can [...]

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