Cold Sculpting

Cool your fat cells

cryoesthétique target and selectively freeze the certain fatty areas using temperatures as low as -11 degrees to freeze the fat cells.

Have you ever thought about the difficult areas and stubborn in your body resistant to any change through diet and exercise? The Cold Sculpting is the solution for you.

Go for the experience

Leverage results

The Cold Sculpting is a technology that target fat cells and permanently destroyed. The human body is provided with a fixed number of fat cells, this makes this treatment ideal choice for eliminating your beads.

The treatment lasts for 1 Time therefore easy to integrate into your lifestyle without having to juggle your daily commitments.

Say bye bye to your ribs. An easy and effective simple solution.

Get your treatments on the same day as your consultation.

Here are some results that speak for themselves. A redesigned to look more attractive appearance and finer.

What areas can be treated?

Toutes les régions du crops here présentent a bourrelet sujettes sont à être traiter:

  • The chin
  • Thighs (internal and external)
  • The belly
  • Fat bra
  • The sizes of round (sides)
  • Knees

The sessions are lasting 60 minutes of general.

A nice alternative for those who do not want to go through liposuction.