here are the 3 stages of a facial:

  • An in-depth analysis of your skin

A thorough skin analysis is needed to determine your needs and those of your skin. Thereafter, a surface cleansing and exfoliation are performed to remove impurities from surfaces of dead cells and accumulation. Exfoliation varies depending on the sensitivity or the thickness of your skin.

  • Cleaning and preparation

An epidermal skin is then completed cleaning. Impurities are removed through the exfoliation, and if the need arises , extraction will be made. This step is done after exfoliation is necessary for better absorption of suitable products. Once this is complete you can give your skin everything it needs: vitamins and other nutrients.

  • Strengthening of the epidermal barrier

Following this step, it is necessary to apply a serum and a cream on your visage.Le serum and cream are massaged in order to maximize the absorption into cells. This will bring comfort to your skin and help to better prepare for the weeks to follow. Everything will be covered with a mask that will maximize the benefits of the products applied during the massage.

After treatment, customers leave with a beautiful skin rehydrated. Each treatment is adapted to the skin and specific customer needs, which ensures an optimum result in each session. These treatments are tailored to help your skin better prepare against the effects of time, drought, pollution and sun.

Natural beauty

Care of 50 minutes

Facial of a traditional nature that will bring you balance and hydration for healthier and fresher skin.

The ideal basic facial for young, carefree skin.

$ 105


Care of 60 minutes

This treatment meets the most demanding needs purifying, relaxing and revitalizing your skin.

Receive a head massage as well as lymphatic drainage that helps eliminate redness, toxins and much more.

$ 125


Care of 75 minutes

The BioAcne Nelly De Vuyst peel is an innovative and ultra-efficient range which is certified organic by COSMOS® and Ecocert®.

Its anti-recurrence formulas are dedicated to controlling in addition to permanently preventing visible symptoms of acne.

To this service add a lymphatic drainage massage which ensures you radiant skin.

$ 130

Specific facial treatments

Care of 75 minutes

Discover bio technology with Klapp facial treatments. A series of specific services with a single-dose system to ensure the best concentrations of active ingredients for firmer skin, smoother and more uniform.

Understand Klapp care

  • anti-aging
  • CS III
  • A Classic
  • Imperial caviar
  • Stri-pexan
  • ASA Peel
  • Repagen
  • Prestigious VAT

From 115$ until $175

Davincia therapeutic facial

Care of 60 minutes

A gentle care. It offers a good cleaning of the skin while providing you the hydration.

To discover the world Davincia what better way to pamper yourself with this treatment all in one.


Facial BioCompatible


Care of 75 minutes

The BioCompatible Facial is a service which was designed by Mrs. Nathalie Forget and which holds a patent.

It has been designed to help improve all skin conditions while respecting its natural structure. Ideal for all your worries from the smallest to the biggest it leaves your skin soft, hydrated and plumped.

A complete solution for those who want more than a traditional treatment.


A deeper understanding of your needs by listening to the messages of your skin.