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There are many kinds of facials and also several families care in the same category.

Each facial is tailored to the requirements set by customers and thus tailored to better help skin regain its balance.

Whether for hydration, which is often our first need, or sensitivity, the service will be adjusted for comfort and balance the immediate needs of your skin.

To help the beautician to serve you better, it is important to provide the most information possible during your visit.

Here is the list of services and needs that are found mainly.

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The solutions

When it is no longer enough to make a simple facial, there are solutions focused on improving the following issues:

  • skin imperfections
  • Rides
  • Pores Skin
  • pigmented spots
  • vascular disorder
  • looseness
  • and more

Each of these requires special attention and worked in connection with what is good for the skin, but does not replace the advice of a doctor. These are simple solutions and easy to incorporate into your services and will help your skin react better weather everyday.

The following list of services is a simple statement of what can be offered to you during your visit to the center.

  • Klapp Specialized Facial Care Program
  • Davincia facial treatment program
  • Microneedling
  • Strengthening (RMD)
  • Peeling
  • Home Program

The direction will be proposed for a service will be issued according to your demands and according to immediate needs you will enjoy working.

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